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Live Webinar: Realizing 5G

Join us for a live webinar:

Realizing 5G:
Device-Centric Design in a New Spectral Landscape

Thursday, 3 December 2015
12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Fifth generation (5G) mobile networks will increase throughput from 150 megabits/second to 10 gigabits/second, expand the available spectrum into the millimeter-wave domain between 6 GHz and 300 GHz, and reduce latency from 10 milliseconds to 1 millisecond — fast enough to control real-world devices like automobiles in real time.

This webinar will look at device-centric approaches to network design, which move the focus from the base station toward the edge. It's free to attend.

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  • Fecha: 2015-11-19

  • Etiquetas: Eventos

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